Which Products You Can Use For Rescuing Your Rental Bathroom?

Which Products You Can Use For Rescuing Your Rental Bathroom?

Quite similar to other problematic areas of the apartment rentals, the bathrooms also need special attention to be given to them. And of course, you have to look for solutions that are of temporary nature and can be ridden off when you have to leave the unit. Here are some temporary solutions that can help you give a vintage look to your bathroom.

Start by organizing the vanity. Mostly, the standard vanities used in the bathrooms in rental apartments are nothing more than an open big space. You can make most out of this space if you install a couple of organizers that can be pulled out when you need.

You can customize your bathroom by adding some hooks. Your bathing accessories, robes, clothes and towels all need some space to be hanged. So, you are always in need of some extra hooks in your bathroom. Make sure that the walls are not damaged as there are products that can be stripped onto the walls. They can be easily applied, serve you quite well and you can easily remove them when you have to make a move out of your current apartment.

Next you should corral all your essentials. Using shower caddy in apartments Oklahoma City can prove to be the easiest of ways for adding some additional storage into your bathroom. You can find many products with some wonderful designs that can hold so many bottles as well as other essentials used in bathing.

Line your medicine cabinet as well. Old in-built medicine cabinets may be ugly, rusty, and stained mess. You should better cover the shelves and/or walls of your medicine cabinets using contact paper so that it can be transformed into a completely new look. Alternately, you can also go for adding metal to your cabinet’s back to have some extra storage.

When you have to change the look of your rental apartment bathroom, think about creating a diversion. It is a great idea for you to distract your attention from the ugly looking flooring. Introducing some sort of decking can work wonders when it comes to covering up the old tiles. There are products available from different manufacturers and you can select the one that fulfills your needs the best.

It is also a great idea to replace the rod for shower curtain. You can simply find models that will make your shower feel much roomier than what it may actually be. Another idea for you can be to replace your bathroom’s old shower head. This can be done easily and fairly quickly. You can find shower head that can be handheld and can act as the rain showerheads as well. So, it’s better to get something that is more in-fashion and appeals your aesthetic sense as well. All these products have the complete capability to change the whole look of your apartment’s old-fashioned bathroom upside down.



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