Ways For Dealing With The Ugly Bathroom Lighting

Ways For Dealing With The Ugly Bathroom Lighting

People often face problems with their ugly looking light fixtures in the bathroom of their apartments for rent. They don’t really know what to do about it. Well, there are certain factors that should be taken into account like, what is intended to be changed in the lighting, the level of your handiness and what exactly are you willing to spend on it.

In case if it only requires a simple makeover, instead of complete overhaul, a cheaper fix is suggested that is to spray-paint your light fixture or to try some new shade. But if you don’t really like anything at all about the current lighting then you may be looking replace the light fixture completely. Those who live on rent or can’t replace the fixture somehow, some tips are given here to get rid of such problems.

You can simply change shades of your light fixtures in the bathroom of your apartments Oklahoma City. It’s the least expensive and the simplest method of updating any outdated light fixture. Plus, it can change your bathroom’s look completely. Lighting and hardware stores sell the bathroom kits and shades, and they’ll be able to help you out in matching the new shade with the old fixture you have.

Another option you have is to spray-paint your old light fixture. Cheap and brassy fixtures have been one of the common problems in the old-fashioned apartment bathrooms. When you are bothered by your fixture’s finish then it can easily be overcome be spray-painting the fixture. For this you will have to cut the power, remove your fixture off the ceiling or wall using screwdriver, spray using primer and paint in your desired color doing couple of coats. Once done, reinstall it.

You can also think about replacing the fixture all by yourself. If you are handy and the project needs one-to-one replacement then you would be willing to think about switching out your pendant or ceiling fixture by yourself. Most significant thing would be to turn off your power supply through the circuit panel of the home prior to doing anything else.

You can also hire some electrician for replacing the light fixture of your rental apartments in Oklahoma City. When you have to deal with anything that is complex compared to one-to-one replacement then it is better to hire some electrician. The prices charged by the electricians can vary and hence it is advisable to call in various electricians for understanding what the standard rates are in the area where you live.

You should work with whatever is available to you. At times it is the best possible way for you to handle the outdated bathroom would be to simply embrace it. You should find accessories, such as towel bars and other similar bathroom hardware, which match your fixture’s finish and take the cues from current color scheme while you are decorating the space.


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