How To Give Luxurious Touch To Your Rental Bathroom?

How To Give Luxurious Touch To Your Rental Bathroom?

When you are living in the rental apartments in Oklahoma, you often find your hands tied when it’s about your bathroom. You are often bound to live exactly with what is given to you. However, it is quite possible to introduce luxury into your rental bathrooms quite easily and without making your landlord worry about it. Some ideas are mentioned here that will allow you to decorate your bathroom the way you want it.

You can play with the walls. Whether it is a wallpaper, ol’ paint, or stamp, it is always a great idea to punch up the walls. You can further make your apartments Oklahoma City bathroom more functional by adding some furniture piece into it. You can think about incorporating some small stool, a bench, an ottoman, and a drawers’ chest if you’ve a room.

Make sure that you introduce towels with high quality in great numbers in your rental bathroom. Buy some hand towels and bath sheets which can be used for the hair. Stack these if enough space is available – think about putting them at the shelf that is just above your bathroom’s door, towels’ basket rolled up, any hooks present at door’s back for holding them – somehow, good number of matching, fluffy towels in the bathroom can give an opulent feeling.

Another important thing is to make your bathroom neat and clean. This is the room where the cleanliness may be considered as godliness. Also don’t forget to add that luxury rug into your bathroom. Yes, it probably is the time for investing in some bathmat but that is not something that we are talking about here. We mean to add real rug to your luxury rental bathroom.

Use some good kind of candles. Light these candles as you get back to your home, enjoy a warming bath or shower right next to them. It is somehow that candles in your bathroom, even some flickering votive placed in the glass, can give a different feel to your bathroom. You can also place some flowers or plants in the bathroom to add the luxurious look and feel. Plants can survive easily in a bathroom’s moist environment.

Introducing some artwork in your luxury bathroom can be a great idea. Definitely you’d not be looking to put your favorite Picasso lithograph here but some framed photograph, collage, or some art postcards can be a wonderful addition to your bathroom in the rental apartment.

Lighting is often an issue in most of the rental bathrooms. So, once you have changed the lightbulbs with something that is more flattering, you should give it a thought to add table lamp if there is some space available. It will definitely make your rental bathroom to feel like some real room instead of just some utilitarian space.

It is always a good idea to add some simple frame for your bathroom mirror by using a molding, some actual frame or even painting one.



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